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Modern Art Deco Wedding at The Clay Theatre

A touch of timeless magic at the Clay Theatre.

Golden hour just after getting married at The Clay Theatre
Just Married at The Clay Theatre.

There is something special about a wedding venue with history. Love and weddings are timeless concepts. Tying the knot somewhere with a story to tell can give the day that much more meaning, especially when it’s an unexpected and unique venue like the Clay Theatre.

The Courtyard entrance from outsie at The Clay Theatre
The Courtyard.

Andrea and Daniel Vallencourt breathed new life into the old Green Cove Springs theatre and created a masterpiece venue. They kept its historic soul but added modern luxuries and thoughtful touches to make an already special day that much cooler for a hip bride. It even comes with its own in-house wedding planner, shameless plug for the amazing Lauren Cowgill here!

In-House Event planner Lauren Cowgill.
Event Planner - Lauren Cowgill.

Shoes, Rings, Invitations at The Clay Theatre Courtyard.
Details in the Courtyard - The Clay Theatre.

We recently had the honor of photographing the incredible wedding of Ariel and Chris, a picture perfect couple. The bride could not have looked more glamorous. Her dress practically glowed in the sunset light on the old brick road in front of the theatre’s marquee. One of our favorite things about photographing a wedding is the photo session with the couple after the ceremony, family pics, etc... it’s always incredibly beautiful and poignant, but with this couple, at this location, it was truly special.

Bride and Groom at The Clay Theatre.
Ariel & Chris.

Bride and Groom at The Clay Theatre Entrance.
Bride & Groom - Clay Theatre Entrance.

The theatre has a noticeable art deco vibe but can take on the personality of any host. Ariel and Chris’s wedding was classic with a fun blue/teal twist. The Vallencourts gave the historic building some high tech upgrades and the lights inside the reception hall are seriously cool.

Modern and Art Deco wedding at The Clay Theatre. Grren Cove Springs.
Reception Hall - The Clay Theatre.

Indoor wedding ceremony. Clay Theatre.
Indoor Ceremony - The Clay Theatre.

First dance at The Clay Theatre.
First Dance - Bride & Groom.

When asking for advice we always tell brides to focus on 3 main components to their wedding, surprisingly the rest has a way of falling into place. Really it can be anything the couple wants, but it usually comes down to the venue, the dress and the photography (although I struggle with this because I am the world’s number 1 fan of wedding cakes). The venue is obvious, it’s the soul of the wedding. The dress is the heart of the wedding, it’s what the bride puts on to show her love and how special she feels. That brings us to photography, which I feel is the spirit. You may not have the budget, time or circumstances to be able to pull off the wedding of your dreams. But with the right wedding photographer to help you capture the spirit of the moments that are truly important, you are able to look back with joy on the incredible memories of your journey together.

And there might be a 4th piece of advice, stop stressing and have fun with it! At the end of the day, it’s all about making memories!!! I'll leave with you a few photos from spots in and around the venue. What a beautiful location!

Photo locations at The CLay Theatre.
Bride & Groom - Just Married!

Photo locations at The Clay Theatre.
Bride & Groom at Golden Hour.

Photo locations at The Clay Theatre.
Seceret spot :)

Photo locations at The Clay Theatre.
Spring Park - Green Cove Springs.

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