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Offbeat Post Wedding Smoke Bomb Photo Shoot!

We had a blast doing this photo shoot with Chris, Rod and their officiant Brett! Having been married a little while back they wanted to get some fun creative photos done. So we set up a slightly mad max style shoot on our property in St. Augustine Florida with their epic car, some fun styled elements from my awesome wife Ashley and a bunch of smoke bombs! Brett came through with an epic gas mask and trench coat! We absolutely love the way these photos came out! Let us know if you like them too :) [For the techies] Back lit red smoke bombs look cool! I used an off camera flash at 1/32 power pointed directly back up and at them. Also there is a flash camera left hitting the guys and the car. Ashley sat behind the car with the smoke grenade to make sure the smoke was going where we needed it to! This was our first time trying smoke bombs and I can't wait to get some more!

Max max style smoke bomb photography shoot in St. Augustine Florida.
Rod, Chris & Brett Mad Max Stylin!

Smoke bomb photography at an offbeat wedding shoot.
Black smoke looks great too, almost like the engine is smoking.

Smoke bomb photography portrait with gas mask.
I love this portrait of Brett!

Sun rays through smoke. Offbeat wedding with smoke bomb photography.
Smoke back lit by the sun works great! Need more of this! Who wants to do a smoke bomb shoot?

Offbeat wedding photo shoot in St Augustine, Florida.
These two though! <3

Here are some of the details that Ashley setup!

Animal Skull, Dark flower arrangement for offbeat wedding shoot.
Skull and flowers styled by the awesome Ashley Farace <3

Offbeat style wedding planner St Augustine Florida. Dark bone and flowers.

Dark flowers on bone. Offbeat flower arragement.
These look so cool!

[For the techies] I took these portraits with a clam shell lighting setup outdoors. One flash in a soft box overhead and a reflector on the bottom. The background is all trees, then I pulled out all the saturation. Came out cool!

Portrait photography in St Augustine Florida.
Portrait of Rod.

Portrait photography in St Augustine Florida.
Portrait of Chris.

We had a blast with these guys! If anyone in the St. Augustine or Jacksonville area wants to try a smoke bomb shoot hit us up! I love getting creative!

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May 16, 2019

So much fun! Absolutely love those guys ♥️

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