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Wedding Quilt Guestbook

Twelve years ago my mother in law made the most amazing quilt as a really special wedding gift for me and my husband. She's a veteran quilter and knew that I typically like things to be a little quirky rather than traditional. I loved the idea of guests signing fabric squares instead of the usual guestbook so it was the perfect wedding present! It's such a cool heirloom to be able to pass down to our girls, something that we actually use that doesn't just sit on a shelf. As wedding photographers, I love to see what fun ideas couples come up with and we've seen some amazing ones, but nothing has topped the quilt as a guestbook. It's been twelve years but it still looks perfect and brings everyone joy. My mother in law is truly an amazing person and this kind of gift is absolutely priceless.

We're trying to convince her to make these for other couples, maybe we'll make her a website. Let us know if there's any interest! Check out the pics we took just a few days ago to see how well it's held up over the years :)

custom wedding guest book quilt in St Augustine Florida
Me and Granny and the beautiful quilt!

Hand drawn square on custom wedding guestbook quilt
My sister drew this awesome square, she's the mural artist for our local Trader Joe's, and is ridiculously talented!

Custom wedding guest book quilt by Anita Farace

Colorful wedding guest book quilt by Anita Farace

Anita Farace custom made wedding guest book quilt
Granny is the cutest!

Anita Farace custom wedding guest book quilt maker

Square idea for a custom wedding guest book quilt

Guest signed square for a custome wedding guest book quilt

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May 14, 2019

I love our quilt! :)

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